Depression, Mental Health / 17 Sep 2018

What role does art play in our lives? So many of us hang it on our walls as decoration but never really get to experience it. Creating art as well as experiencing art can help improve mood. Research studies have been conducted using neuroimaging to visualize the brain’s response to seeing artwork. Similarly, studies have been done on the affect creating art has on a person’s mood. Many find that they are able to express themselves better in the art they create as compared to when they try to express themselves with speech. One of the amazing things about art is that it lets you express yourself and externalize your feelings and thoughts in ways that would have otherwise been impossible. It provides an outlet for stress, increases self awareness, activates the brain’s pleasure centers and increases confidence. Patients who suffer from conditions requiring rehabilitation are often given the option of art therapy due to its positive affects. Sometimes when you feel like you're in a slump simply putting a paintbrush on canvas can help you forget your problems and give you an escape.

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