Addiction / 08 Aug 2018

E-cigarettes have taken the country by storm. Even though they have been on the market and available to the public for some time they are now more popular than ever before. Vaping is thought to be better than smoking cigarettes and though that may be true it does not mean that they are safe. 

Individuals using e-cigarettes as an aid to help them quit smoking may not be doing themselves any favors. Recent studies have found that the chance of actually quitting smoking by replacing the cigarette with a vape decreases 28%. The ideology that the e-cigarette is harmless has made it the better of two evils. There is no data to support how harmless the chemicals in the fluid are but research suggests it has the chemical makeup to adversely effect health. A chemical called acrolein is formed as a consequence of the fluid being heated and it is a contributor of cardiovascular disease. The trend has got more teenagers vaping and people who have never even smoked before. The choices of flavors are endless and that has been another attraction. The FDA has passed regulations for producers to disclose the chemicals in the liquid and not allow children under 18 to purchase it. 


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