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Impotence or erectile dysfunction is the inability to obtain an erection. Normally an erection happens when blood flow into the penis is increased by dilating blood vessels and blood flow out of the penis is decreased due to contraction of muscles. This entire process is controlled by nerves.

Causes of Impotence

Causes of Impotence

1. Trauma to the nerves responsible for erection
2. Cardiovascular disease
3. Diabetes: which can clog up the blood vessels that supply the penis or hormonal imbalances.
4. Drugs: antidepressants and medications used for the heart or blood pressure.
5. Smoking has been linked to ED as well because it can cause narrowing of blood vessels.
6. Psychological reasons can cause ED: Anxiety, stress, and depression have all been linked with the condition. These individuals are however more likely to have erections during sleep and this can be an important clue.

Treatment of Impotence

Treatment of Impotence

Treatment involves addressing the underlying cause. Medications that cause erections can help and in those who are suitable candidates, implantable devices can be surgically inserted into the penis to help.

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