Mental Health / 27 Aug 2018

Let’s take a deeper look at meditation and it’s benefits. Meditation has been practiced for hundreds of years especially in the eastern hemisphere. It gained popularity in America and has steadily been on the rise. Often yoga classes will include a short meditation session in either the beginning or end of the practice. A yoga class I took had an instructor that started off with a meditation session and before each session she would tell us something to inspire us. One such talk was about how important it is to clear your mind day to day and basically hit reset so not to carry over negativity from one day to the next. She asked if we would eat tonight's dinner on last nights dirty dishes and of course we all said no. Then she followed this up by asking why would we start a brand new day with all the problems and negative energy from the day before?

Today we hear people telling us about how meditation has changed their lives. It has allowed them to increase self awareness, improve focus and help manage their stress. Medical conditions can also improve with regular meditation especially conditions that worsen with stress. Anxiety, depression and even high blood pressure are a few conditions that meditation can help. With that being said, meditation is not the only thing that should be done as medication may also be required. Ideally you should consult your physician about what treatment you should be on and what other treatment options you could try.


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