Women's Health / 17 Jul 2018

Sex is supposed to be a pleasurable experience not just for men but also for women. If things have gone south (pun intended) and you are feeling vaginal pain than there is definitely something wrong. First and foremost consult your gynecologist! Some reasons women experience vaginal pain that are often overlooked include:

1. Psychological- the muscles of the pelvic floor tense making penetration difficult and causing pain. This happens subconsciously as a consequence of emotions like fear or anxiety.

—> solution: it is important to deal with the emotions you are feeling. Don’t suppress them and let them take over your life. Sometimes the issues are rooted in a negative experience that requires you to talk to someone or see a therapist.


2. Relationship- when there are problems in your relationship they can result in decreased arousal.

—> solution: to make love to your partner you need to be in love with your partner. If you have unresolved issues or trouble communicating than vocalize them and take steps towards resolution.


3.Lubrication- vaginal lubrication is important for sex to feel good. Dryness leads to friction that causes pain. This is not only a problem post menopausal women experience but it is may also occur in pre menopausal women

—> solution: use lube! Lube is your friend. It’s only purpose is to enhance your sexual experience. So don’t shy away from using it regardless of your age.


4.Endometriosis- this condition causes pain most often during deep thrusting but women will also experience symptoms related to their menstrual cycle.

—> solution: if you are experiencing symptoms see your gynecologist.


5.Foreplay- arousal is not immediate. To become fully aroused takes time and that’s where foreplay comes in.

—> solution: don’t rush into having sex. Take your time with some foreplay, teasing and stimulation.


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