Depression / 11 Aug 2018

There are a lot of ups and downs in life that can make you start feeling a little depressed. Moving to a new city and not knowing anyone there, not being able to understand why you took this job in the first place because you don’t really like it (oh yeah, you needed the money) or a troublesome relationship. Well all of this was happening to me and initially I didn’t think much of it and figured I was just a little homesick. Then I started having problems with my boyfriend and I noticed myself being extra clingy but when things didn’t work out I was heart broken. So much was happening so fast and the effects of it all were being compounded. I would have emotional breakdowns at work, wasn’t able to concentrate, and just felt sad all the time. 

One of my coworkers told me how she went through something similar where she felt sad all the time and wasn’t sure why. She gave me some advice that has helped me change everything around. When she went through a similar phase in her life she started running as therapy. She would run and cry and run and run until she couldn’t anymore. Eventually running will cause your brain to release endorphins or feel good hormones. She said this was the only therapy she could afford and the runner’s high she eventually started to feel changed her mood and turned things around for her. 

I was never a runner, I would just go out in the evening for a jog and when I could I would run and when I couldn’t anymore I would walk but I would force myself to go through the motions. Slowly I was able to maintain a steady pace and go for longer periods of time. It really has been one of the best therapies because it started leading to more and more changes. Small changes can lead to bigger and better outcomes.


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