Been stuck in this depression for weeks now,any conversation or support

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    Hi Robin…I’m new to the group and I feel the same way….i go thru stages… sometimes I can go months and be ok…but then something happens and I crash…at this point I’ve been stuck for about 2 months….


    This past weekend I was free to do whatever…no kids no work…great weather…and I laid in bed ALL day wondering why I keep going thru this….I’m in a relationship but he can’t deal with my emotions so he can’t talk to me to help me…let alone be able to just listen to me


    Feeling really depressed right now. Anyone else out there feeling down? I just don’t know how to get out of this.


    I have been struggling with this for about three years now. I have had weeks here and there where I have clawed my way to the top— exercised, eaten well, gotten lots of work done, but inevitably I can’t sustain it, and I fall back deeper into the hole. I haven’t felt like myself in years, I feel like my toddler has only gotten glimpses of who is mother actually is. I tell myself that changing negative environments in my life will help— starting a better job, losing weight, eating better, quitting drinking— but looming in the background is this weighted blanket of depression that always drapes over me.


    I new here been struggling since I was probably 9. I just want to make friends and talk to people I’m just really alone.

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