Deep Dark Depression (Excessive Misery)!

  • Deep Dark Depression (Excessive Misery)!
  • Hi, I’m rather new to the site. Just a little about myself. I almost lost my life this last year due to a pancreatic condition which also brought on severe infection. I made, what most people think, a miraculous recovery; I am very grateful for my life and the chance to live for more years (I’m 51, by the way, have a wife and a 20-year-old son). Now, I am in the process of getting back to work. Don’t really care for my job (it is production plastic molding), but it has seemed to pay the bills, or at least most of them! I have the stress of being the only one providing income for our bills. My son works during the summer at a camp, but most of the money he makes goes into his school tuition and expenses. Both the attorney and the doctor have urged me to stay off work until the middle of August, which is right around the corner. At this time, however, I am really apprehensive about going back to work, and hoping that once I start, that I will feel better. Since I’ve been off for almost a year and what will be a year, this would almost be like starting a new job. I am not sure what I will be able to do until I get there. Very apprehensive, and actually applying for other jobs as well. It doesn’t help that my family on my mom’s side has a history of marked depression. Unfortunately, I feel that I’ve inherited this, and I’m trying to make the best of it.

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    getting back around people will help. Good luck, you can do this.


    working a job will probably help the depression, i hope. i can appreciate how it feels to be starting work again after a long break. i think your anxiety shoould lighten up too when you find yourself with a purpose in life. i wish you good luck!


    It sounds like you are going through so much. Have you talked to your doctor about taking an anti-depressant for a while? You’ve been through a tramatic experience and great change in your life. Plus, you have a family history. Medication, counseling, and support like this group may be the best thing for you. Hang in there.


    What a fun new adventure awaits you! Either at your old job or in a new one. Look at your glass not just half full but overflowing with blessings! Best of luck to you!

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