Depression…Talk, text or email?

  • Depression…Talk, text or email?
  • Everyone has a story. Everyone on this site has a reason for being here. My depression has turned a life into an existence. Somedays I skate through with minimal issues, somedays I just want to die. For the most part, I hate my existence, I hate myself, I hate the air I breath. Sometimes, such as earlier this evening, I see scary things in the clouds. Once I freaked whist driving when I saw a “thing” from a dream when I was five years old. I’ve been in therapy for six months and counting, but I cannot see light. Meds suck. People I know, I no longer want them to know me. AS a child I cut myself to take away my pain, sometimes even today I do and it works for an evening, until my doctor noticed the marks on my wrist, but I lied about it, she knew I was not being truthful. Just yesterday powerful feeling of sadness continued to decent upon me, over and over. It would hit me strong for a few moments, then go away. However, it continued over and over, hour by hour and would not stop. Life is not fair. I have two sports cars and a motorcycle, but i don’t enjoy them. I suck, life sucks but if I talk about dying my Psychiatrist puts more pressure on me, ups my meds and what not.
    If there is anyone out there who can relate with similar issues or experiences, and would like to talk, please let me know.

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