My loved ones just don’t get Depression!

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    Ask them to just listen without comments or judgment. As a parent, I would love it if my kids expressed themselves and help me understand them. As a wife and mother, I would love it if others would offer to listen without judgment.


    Thank you! I will try that.


    I have a very small family My parents think there has always been something wrong with, My sister has too. My daughter and her in-laws who would have been my family ( we thought we would be) however, they did not accept the bad PTSD and I am now largely excluded. I am divorced. My best two friends either died or moved away 2 yrs ago.
    I wish I could ask to talk. However, my daughter and I are actually warmer and cloer when we are doing something with her little girls, even if it just lunch and the swing set. Talking sets all of her family’s teeth on edge, some due to disapproval some are preoccupied, some are terribly rude. My daughter and her husband are not lacking in depth. ‘And my daughter in particular is on the right track with doing, talking about, engaging normally, rather than talk talk talk about past hurts.

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