New. Confused and Conflicted

  • New. Confused and Conflicted
  • I have been dealing with depression, anxiety and OCD. I am taking a few different medications, some for anxiety, some for depression, some for insomnia. I have been in individual therapy for about 2 years now. This week my psychiatrist and therapist discussed partial hospitalization with me as my symptoms have spiked. Has anyone been through this process? I need to make a decision but I have no foundation as to what the program is really like.

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    Hi, you and I sound a lot a like. I struggle with the same stuff as well. I’ve recently stopped taking my meds, I felt they had stopped working and the higher dose was doing more harm than help. I have looked into partial hospitalization. My understanding is that you come and go as you please and is some cases you don’t even have to stay. You attend therapy, support group, and the staff monitors your meds. I decided against it. I’m mother with young kiddos and my husband couldn’t take off work for me to do this. Our mental health system, and Child care for that matter, is seriously screwed up. If you have the opportunity to do it, I say give it a shot. Best of luck to you.

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