Showers and teeth brushing

  • Showers and teeth brushing
  • Can someone identify with having to push themselves to do these 2 basic hygienic tasks? It seems like climbing a mountain to me. I know a lot of it is lack of energy, but I also believe it is something more, possibly because of not caring or loving oneself enough……….

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    Yes, I can relate. When I am depressed it is very difficult to get in the shower or brush my teeth.


    OMG I suffer from this same situation. My therapist says it’s depression. It is a horrible feeling not to want to brush your teeth and shower. This hasn’t gotten any better, but I push myself every day to do these simple tasks.
    Best to you.


    Hi. This is the same for me. As part of my self care plan, I shower and brush my teeth every day. While I feel out of control in most every other aspect of my life, this is one thing that I can control. So no matter how I feel or what is happening, I do these two things almost every day. It may be at odd times somedays,but it shows me that I can do and control at least my self care which boosts me up just enough each day.


    Absolutely. I have always struggled to love my body, but my depression has caused me to put on 20 pounds in the past few months. Being naked feels like death, so standing in the shower seems like an insurmountable obstacle. I drink so much a lot of nights that I don’t brush my teeth before bed, which was unthinkable a few years ago. I think a huge part of it is not caring for yourself emotionally. Sometimes I think I intentionally make myself feel as physically disgusting as I do psychologically.


    yes, it feels like such simple things take up all of my energy, even getting up to use the restroom feels like such a hard thing to do as gross as that may sound


    Sucks don’t it. I used to actually enjoy trying to look as best I could, i miss it.

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