Slit My Wrists Or Tub Of Water?

  • Slit My Wrists Or Tub Of Water?
  • So I Already Know What I’m Gonna Do. People Have Tried But No One Can Talk Me Out Of This. I Just Wanna Know If I Should Slit My Wrists And Lay In The Bathroom, Or Slit Them And Lay In A Tub Of Water And Bleed Out? I’m Trying To At Least Be Poetic If U Hadn’t Noticed.

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    Number 1 that would hurt! Number2 what a mess you’d leave behind. Number 3 why???
    I’m down too but I don’t think I could go that route, maybe an overdose, but if I woke up I’d be right back where I was!! Damn what do we do!! How bout praying to God to lift us out of these demonic thoughts and to restore our minds where they should be. Not trying to be poetic here just real! Save your life and save your soul. I believe That there has to be a light at the end of our tunnels. We just have to try to be patient and let good come out of us!! So no slitting please. Hang in there with me.


    It’s Cool That U Took The Time Out To Comment But What Ur Telling Me Is Like Telling A Drowning Person To Get Out Of The Water. My Family Is Very Religious. I “Used” To Be, But God Has Done Nothing But Bring Me Pain, So There Is No Point In Praying Anymore. But Thanks For Trying To Chnage My Mind But It’s A Little Too Late For That Now.


    Dear Anonymous: I know that dying feels like the only way out from personal experience. Two problems with that: (1) Sometimes the attempt fails and there you are, mute, incontinent, in a wheelchair in a nursing home…stuck inside your head; (2) there are actual medical solutions. So before you attempt to off yourself, why not get some genetic testing to find out how come your meds aren’t working. I was treatment-resistant. Just this year had testing and they found the genetic mutation and what to do about it. I can stand life most of the time now. I have had clients and friends do really well with ECT. One lady was catatonic and mute. 12 appts and depression gone. Hey, what have you got to lose?! Maggie


    Maggie ~ ~ your recommendations are so “right on.” There are medical solutions that work well and truly make life worthwhile.


    What is ECT? How and where do you get genetics testing?
    I doubt anyone can guarantee what would be the best way to kill yourself. I always fear I won’t die and only be more of a burden to my family.
    Share what is going on with you right now?


    I don’t know what ECT is. I understand how you feel. Seems like there’s not an easy way out. Killing our selves would probably not be the way to go. I wish someone could rescue me from my miserable life and turn everything around.


    Duck1959 ~ You can Google ECT and it will provide an explanation. How would you like to be rescued ? Turning things around can be a challenge but its doable. I’m in the midst of restructuringing my life; making physical changes as well as antidepressent diet, few supplements, breathing exercises and its bringing some welcomed relief. I don’t take prescription drugs.; journal instead of talk therapy. I’m following Dr Kelly Brogan’s plan. Her book is A Mind of Your Own. You can UTube her, also.


    Thank you


    Hi Duck1959:
    Thank you for asking. I love this stuff.
    ECT is electroconvulsive therapy. Nowadays it is teeny tiny electric shocks to parts of the brain. It is painless and the docs are specialists. It doesn’t hurt and is done over a period of time (not like every day or every other…spread depending on you specifically). Most private psychiatric hospitals have a ECT Unit. Typically, the person being treated is an outpatient. Your psychiatrist can set up an appointment for an evaluation. If your depression hurt your income and assets (like mine has) there are usually sliding scales, charity care, grants. My psychiatrist was willing and able to put me on disability however was reluctant because in my case it might hurt my self-esteem too much to make the comfort of stream of income and insurance worth it. I now have insurance.
    Genetic testing is common in many maladies; however, it is a recent tool for diagnosing treatments that are likely to succeed if the failure of meds is genetically based (as in my case). Your psychiatrist orders this and you do a cheek swab. My psychiatrist did the swab in her office and sent it off. Insurance (even Medicare or Medicaid) covers all or a substantial part.
    Onto the sad topic of suicide, I did not die and had and have consequences. Two people I know personally tried the shotgun in the mouth method and the gun went off and their brains were hit. Neither died, both were mute and partially paralyzed, both lived that way for approximately 10 years until passing. The thought of not succeeding terrifies me.
    I myself was found too late; mine was not a cry for help; mine was planned in a way that I would have 48 hours before any chance of discovery; I used triple measures; I did not die and it was too late to do anything medically.
    Fortunately my parents sent me to a psychiatrist who explained my surviving as follows: Some people have a will to live. You do. And there is nothing you can do about it.”
    To everybody here, I am so relieved to have found this group.


    The thought of unsuccessfully ending your life and living with those consequences are worse I believe!! I’m sorry for those people that were left in that condition. I wonder if they realize it or they are brain damaged so bad that it left them in a vegetative state. This world is not what it use to be. I really believe I need a really good friend . I’m am going to seek out group therapy. I’d rather hear other peoples thoughts on their depression and anxiety. Maybe we can help each other out and make friends as well!


    I considered this too. I don’t think slitting your wrist is the way to go. Not only the pain but I’ve read on Google that your blood could clot to stop you from fully bleeding out. I’m looking for a way to die too but I don’t think that’s the way. Not to mention the mess you’d make. Far too painful and not a high success rate. If you’re still here and think of an easier way please let me know.


    Not sure I like the helpful hints on suicide.
    The 2 unsuccessful I know were not vegetative. They were in wheelchairs, incontinent. However, head, torso and arms worked. Eye movement and use of hands to partly communicate. Mute. Stuck in head to some degree. I cannot bear the thought of really being unable to ever not be able to get out of my head.
    It’s OK to hire help not for depression itself but to take load and loneliness away for a few hours here and there. A lawn guy who comes in for water, coffee and a little conversation. A lady who comes in to do laundry. Someone to come in to do filing for my little home business. Costs less than the deductibles on insurance…and is good insurance. They are all “poor” so $20 or 30 dollars a week or every other week changes their lives. So I feel like I am helping.
    Also I donate blood to the Red Cross. I am good at it and saving lives. That too makes me feel good. I am too shy and ashamed and depressed to help at the church, library, soup kitchen etc.


    I pray you haven’t committed the deed. I’m scared to die and just want this miserable life taking emotions to go away. I’m hanging cuz I have a daughter and honest if it’s no her there would not be a me.

    I can be you friend, pen pal something. We can talk to each other. I’m new at this but it’s heart breaking to actually to read wanting to die. I’m here.


    I just wanted to check on you. Do you need a friend to talk to?

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