Why me?

  • Why me?
  • Overall, I feel like I’m a good person. I’m nice, kind, honest and so on. Why do I need to suffer? I find myself asking “what did I do to deserve this illness?” It’s ruined my life and I feel like it’s too late to turn it around. I’m only 25 but I’ve made some huge mistakes due to being depressed for years. Worst mistake of them all just occurred not even a month ago. I’m struggling to deal with everything. Feel like my life is already over. I’ve done too much. I’ve messed up too much. How am I supposed to live with this the rest of my life?

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    This is a great first step! Talking about it. Thank you for sharing! You have many long and wonderful years ahead of you. I am 41 and just now realizing what is ‘wrong’ with me. Learning to accept it and live through my dark times. You have a head start on me!

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