Genital herpes pain relief advice

  • Genital herpes pain relief advice
  • After reading many posts on here I feel I need to share some things..
    If you’re going through a flare up you absolutely need to be taking an Antiviral prescription drug called ACYCLOVIR
    If you do not have health insurance.. Please visit your local health department or planned parenthood for a discounted option on your care and medicines needed. If you don’t know where your health department is.. Simply go on Google, type in “your county name” followed by health department. If you do not have one in your county.. It will list the health departments closest to your county.

    Personally I doubled up on my acyclovir.. 2 pills at night. 2 pills in the morning. Accompanied by an 800mg ibuprofen dose for inflammation and general discomfort. Good luck! Hope this helps.

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