How can y'all live knowing u have herpes

  • How can y'all live knowing u have herpes
  • I was diagnosed 3 months ago and I still cry myself to sleep can anyone help I really need to talk about this to anyone whos going through the same or has any advice… Also I have a son almost 2 year old and I’m scared he will get it if he touches my lip pls help

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    I was diagnosed a month ago, I understand your pain. It’s very hard to deal with and to come to peace with. Sooner or later you’ll realize that it is just another illness that you can keep under control. Society makes the disease sound so disgusting when in reality you are just a victim! No one is trying to get herpes. Your son is going to be fine. If you don’t have any sores on your lip then no worries! It’s contagious, but less contagious when there are no sores! I kiss my boyfriend all the time and he still is clean! Abreva is the best for lip sores. I promise you it’s not the end of the world. It’s just another lesson to learn from, to conquer, and to move on in life.

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