• HSV2
  • I was recently diagnosed with genital herpes or hsv2 and.. To say that im in complete shock is an understatment. My sexual partner had a cold sore on his lip that was pretty much gone (totally not visible anymore) but evidently when he gave me oral… The virus got rehydrated or something. Im unsure. Anyway.. The flare up was incredibly painful! But thankfully Acyclovir helped shorten my outbreak and deplete the glass- shard like pain that was ensuing.
    I found this forum because quite frankly… My diagnosis hasnt hit me yet. Why am I not crying/ completely losing it? Alot of things hit me though.. Number one; ill never be able to have a natural childbirth now..in the way i always wanted. I’ll have to get a csection to ensure i dont pass this onto my child. Not only that but there’s the fact that my love life will probably be crap.. Idk im just looking for support. Advice? Anything..

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