I’m in disbelief

  • I’m in disbelief
  • I found out I have Herpes today. I cried yelled almost got into a car accident I need help. I need strength I feel so little right now

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    You’ll be okay. Just read up on it, know your facts about what’s going on inside your body. You are still the same person you’ve always been, you just now carry a virus that has a very bad social label attached to it. You’ll take care of your body better now, and be more aware of yourself…You’ll be okay. Just take your time and cry it out, then get back to your life. Half the people that carry it, don’t even know it. So, if you feel as if you need to tell the person you think you got it from, or for future relationships, when you tell that other person there could be a chance they carry the virus and don’t even know it. Don’t be so hard on yourself!


    I feel the same way. I told the man I’m with and he loves me regardless. He understands that the virus is not life threatening and the majority of the population has it but doesn’t know it. The only difference is you know. We’ll be just fine sweetheart. There’s nothing different about us. I hope you’re doing better.


    I just met the man of my dreams and told him yesterday that I’m in love with him. And today I find out I have Herpes. I’m in disbelief. Worried about him bailing, but I don’t want him too. I’m an emotional wreck.


    I was diagnosed yesterday with genital hsv2… I am also having a hard time and just trying to figure out why i have the worst luck ever..

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