Paranoia about giving my partner my virus

  • Paranoia about giving my partner my virus
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    I am a 23 year old gay woman. I currently have a partner and I have the worst paranoia about giving her my disease, we had intercourse last night. I have had my first outbreak, I was diagnosed in March this year. When I had my first outbreak, I initially thought it was a yeast infection, so I treated it as such, then the lesions began showing up. I went to the doctor as soon as I noticed any lesions, with my first outbreak, I got flu symptoms, my lymph nodes in my pelvis were swollen, I have lesions, everything hurt in that area. When I got diagnosed, my doctor immediately started me on valcyclovir, and I have been on it since being diagnosed. Since my first outbreak, I have not had any more outbreaks. I however get paranoid every time her and I have sex, the next day is always research. I’m not sure if I’m just being paranoid or if I’m going to have an outbreak, however I have had flu like symptoms for a few days, but no visible lesions or anything, my clit is only sore when my boxers rub on it and I had quite a bit of intercourse last night, so I want to chalk it up to that, it doesn’t burn or itch or nothing. The only symptom I have currently that relates to when I had my first outbreak is the flu like symptoms, however I am not sure if I’m actually just sick. When I called my doctor, she told me “she isn’t saying I can’t have an outbreak on this medication, however it is rare”. Does anyone else have this issue and should I be worried I’m going to have an outbreak. My partner says it isn’t a big deal to her that I have this disease but I’m still worried about infecting her. Does it sound like I am going to have an outbreak, or am I just paranoid? A lot of posts say something about a tingle before an outbreak, can anyone tell me what that would feel like or what a second outbreak would even show signs of?

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    Following. I have the same questions. I’m also paranoid about spreading it to my partner. I feel like I tingle all the time but I’m Valtrex and have been for 6 weeks but I Think it’s in my head!

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