Unsure if I handled this the correct way

  • Unsure if I handled this the correct way
  • So, a little while ago I started seeing this guy. We had really good chemistry and went on a couple of dates and we kissed a couple of times. However I wasn’t on outbreak when we kissed. And immediately after we kissed I told him about my condition and what we could do to prevent him getting it. We discussed it and I told him to take his time making up his mind whether he wanted to continue to see me or not. He took a few hours then responded and said he still wanted to date me. Fast forward, we start dating officially and start having intimacy. Then he started acting weird like not responding to my text and so I confronted him about it. He then tells me he’s been having second thoughts about my condition and is scared whether he has it too. So I like tried to be there for him and just told him to go to the doctor and get testedto be sure. Then, he reacted by telling me that it didn’t matter anymore bc, I kissed him before he even knew about the herpe. Was I wrong to kiss him, even though I wasn’t on outbreak, before disclosing my herpes condition? Has anyone ever had something similar happen to you?

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