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  • Tried Chantix, Welbutrin, and several meds for depression, patches, and gums/mints. Nothing has worked

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    Hi! What worked for me was knowing that I didn’t need cigarettes to live, so unlike losing weight, I could just not smoke for 3 days and if I could get over that 3 day hump, then it’s a lot easier from there. I smoked 2 packs a day of Marb reds and this is how I quit.

    I knew that a craving only lasted 3-8 minutes too. You can do anything for 3 minutes! When I had a craving I would chug water. Silly, but it was easier than doing nothing and thinking about it.

    Day 1 isn’t terrible, but Day 2 and 3 are really hard, but after that, it’s less hard. After 2 weeks, it’s entirely out of your system and psychologically, you stop craving them too around the 2 week mark.

    If you can promise yourself that you’ll do 2 weeks of no cigarettes -no matter what- you legitimately won’t want them after the two weeks.

    By Day 14 if you still want a cigarette, go ahead, have one. You’ll notice it tastes gross, makes you light-headed, and you can’t even finish it.

    Pick a date, mark it on your calendar, and smoke to your heart’s content until that date. When your quit date comes, tell yourself it’s just three days of hating your life, of being snappy, on edge, etc, and only 2 weeks of your life to try this out. Cold turkey, two weeks of discomfort and you’re done forever, you got this!

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