Depression, Mental Health, Women's Health / 19 Jul 2018

Postpartum depression is a condition that often goes unrecognized in many women. As a new mom there are lifestyle adjustments that need to be made and this may be one of the main reasons women don’t pick up on something being wrong. You are running on a few hours of sleep and attribute your lack of energy or mood swings to the eight hours of sleep you weren’t able to get the other night. Moms want to do a great job taking care of their babies but lose sight of taking care of themselves.

The most common symptoms include sadness, anxiety, crying and trouble sleeping. When these last for a short duration after the baby is born it is called the baby blues but if it ends up lasting longer and the symptoms get more intense it is called postpartum depression. Baby blues happen immediately after the baby is born but postpartum depression can begin a few months after. Symptoms may include difficulty bonding with your baby, feelings of inadequacy, fatigue and lack of interest in activities.

No matter what preconceived notions you have this is a very common condition and women should not be ashamed to get help. It is important to consult your physician if these symptoms persist and cause you to be unable to care for your baby. There is treatment available that can get you back on track and on the road to recovery. Open communication with your partner and family can be helpful and serve as support.


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