Mental Health / 07 Aug 2018

“Change your thoughts and you change your world”- Norman Vincent Peal. There’s no tried and true recipe to achieve happiness but there are things we can do to help get us there. Changing our thoughts sounds simple enough, right? But it is easier said than done. What helps in accomplishing this task is to rationalize negative emotions/ thoughts. 

So often we battle with feelings of sadness and unhappiness that stem from negative thoughts. Dissect those thoughts, where they come from and why you’re allowing them to have so much power over you? Very often those emotions are a byproduct of a process where we let our thoughts run wild and start believing everything we are thinking even if it's far fetched. For example, let’s say you are interviewing for a job, are feeling nervous and start thinking I can’t do this or I’ll never get this job. Now let’s take that thought process and dissect it. Why can’t you do this? Just because it seems difficult does not mean it won’t happen for you. You have gotten this far and got a call back for an interview so clearly you are in the running for the job. It is okay to be nervous but don’t let these negative thoughts make you under confident. Other examples of common thoughts that lead to a lot of negative emotions are: I’m not good enough or I don’t deserve this. Whenever I feel this way I ask myself why? And counteract those thoughts with positive ones. I am as good as anyone else and if there is something I’m not good at than I can improve. I have worked hard and put in effort so I deserve this just as much as anyone else. Don’t sell yourself short and let negative thoughts take you to a dark place. Learn to recognize when these negative thoughts are taking over effecting your emotions and behavior. There is plenty of material that can be found on the power of positive thinking and the reason is because of how effective it is. Try applying this simple method to your everyday life and see the difference it makes. A more positive outlook will help you find the silver lining in tough situations and hard times.


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