Weight Loss / 19 Jul 2018

Eating healthy seems like the hardest thing to do at times. We are trying to turn over a new leaf but give in to cravings. It is okay to indulge sometimes but don’t make a habit of it. To help keep yourself on track and moving toward your goals try these simple tips:

1.Get rid of all the junk food in your house and replace it with healthy snacks. Having junk food lying around will be more tempting and you are less likely to go all the way to the store to buy more. Healthy snacks are good to curb cravings. Having better options on hand will increase your chances of eating better.

2.Take one day of the week, ideally a Sunday works best, to meal plan for the upcoming week. When meals are planned and prepped ahead of time you have less work to do and won’t order take out. Meal planning can also be a more cost effective way to prepare your dinners.

3.Eating out is still a great option when you don’t feel like cooking. Try to make better choices when deciding what to order from the menu. Most places have a description of what the entree consists of and how it’s cooked so pick the items that have been baked or grilled. Also some restaurants have calorie counts written next to each item on the menu. Lastly opt for water instead of a high calorie beverage.


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